Growing AgriFood Tech in Asia

growing agrifood tech in asia

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Our Vision

To build a healthier food system
for Asia's next billion

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Our Mission

Connect, Communicate and Collaborate, building the AgriFood Tech ecosystem in Asia.

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AgriFood Tech Meetup #2

Monday, 14 January | 6:00 – 9:00pm | @LEVEL3

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The Big Opportunity

Why now for Agrifood Tech
in the Asia-Pacific?

Key mega-trends are shaping the livelihoods of people across the Asia-Pacific region. Resource constraints. Food safety issues. Climate change. Volatile markets. Hunger and malnutrition. These are creating challenges in our agriculture & food systems that need addressing to sustain a future with more mouths to feed on a healthy planet.

AgriFood Tech has the potential to improve the production efficiency and livelihood of over 400mio Smallholder farming families across Asia,

securing supply chains and reducing waste, protecting resources, developing new farming systems, and improving the health and well being of the fastest growing region on earth.

In an era of abundance, the opportunity to come together and create impactful solutions to some of our biggest social and environmental challenges is now.

Let’s get moving.

The little red dot

why Singapore?

There are six key reasons why Singapore is a natural home for AgriFood Tech in Asia.

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Access: Central geographic location to in the Asia-Pacific region

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Reputation: Stable business environment with a focus on corporate governance, compliance and investment

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Resources: Digital focus, sea and air freight logistics, food technology, tertiary and research infrastructure

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Capital: Access to capital markets, investors and venture capital.

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Talent: An educated, adaptable and capable workforce with a strong multilingual base

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Network: Headquarters for multinationals, NGO’s and peak industry bodies involved in Food and Agriculture