Growing AgriFood Tech in Asia

 WhAT is hypha?

As Asia looks to develop sustainable production systems and secure food supply, AgriFood Technology will be key to feeding the next billion in what is the fastest growing region on earth.

Hypha is a platform that brings together a network of thought leaders across the Agriculture and Food ecosystem in Asia to connect, communicate and collaborate, and grow AgriFood Tech in Asia.

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Early stage agrifood tech venture fund with the world's largest community of professional agrifood tech investors and agrimedia insights, analysis and reports

Experts in challenge lead agrifood technology transfer and agribusiness venture building

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Innovation catalyst for corporates and government and the home of agrifood tech meetups in Singapore

What does Hypha do?

We’re all about Connecting, Communicating and Collaborating!

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Connect with other members who
can view your profile

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Communicate via social media groups and regular networking events and conferences

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Collaborate together to grow the AgriFood Tech ecosystem in Asia.

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